Celebrating Litha/ Summer Solstice 2017

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Happy Summer Solstice everyone. It is the Summer Solstice or Midsummers Day in the Northern Hemisphere. The word Solstice comes from the Latin “Sol” meaning sun and “Sistere” meaning to stand still. It is the longest day of the year with 15 hours of sunshine. The sun is at its…

Celebrating Beltane/ May Day 2017

Originally posted on Nature is Sacred:
Happy Beltane/ May Day everyone. Beltane, meaning “bright fire” is one of the four great fire festivals of the ancient Celtic cultures. In ancient Irish culture it was the time when both the Tuatha De Danaan and the Milesians came to Ireland and was originally celebrated when the Hawthorns…

By Land, Sea and Sky

It has been quite a few years since I started my pagan path. In that time, I have been initiated into a Wiccan tradition and eventually obtained my Second Degree, as well as immersed myself in learning more about Wicca, Druidry, Heathenry, Reconstructionism, and Celtic and Germanic history, mythology and folklore. But when I restarted my life in aContinue reading “By Land, Sea and Sky”


Winternights (Vetrnætr) is one of the three major festivals celebrated in pre-Christian Scandinavia, the others being midwinter (Yule, Jól/Jólablót, Hökunótt) and the beginning of the summer raiding season (Sigrblót “Victory Blot” or Sumarmál). Snorri Sturluson wrote of these festivals in the Ynglinga saga of the Heimskringla: “There should be a sacrifice at the beginning ofContinue reading “Winternights”

Sacred Wonders of Britain

Sacred Wonders of Britain (BBC, 2013) Archeologist Neil Oliver sets off on a journey to reveal the sacred face of Britain, an ancient landscape of belief and ritual that lies hidden just below the surface of the modern world. From Britain’s remotest islands to the heart of its cities, Neil searches for clues that tellContinue reading “Sacred Wonders of Britain”

Skadi, the Snow Queen

Skadi, Skade, Skathi (Norse), Sceadu (Anglo-Saxon) Skadi (Skaði) is a female jötunn (giant) and goddess of winter, snow, mountains and the hunt. She is also associated with independence, wilderness and wisdom. Skadi lived in the highest reaches of the snow-covered mountains. She was described as being tall and beautiful with long black hair, silver armour,Continue reading “Skadi, the Snow Queen”

Pagan Origins of Christmas

Christmas as we know it today has developed from a variety of origins, including pagan ones!  Things like the evergreen tree, mistletoe, gift giving, and even the birth date of Jesus have come from pagan sources. Yule The Winter Solstice is celebrated around December 20-23 (northern hemisphere), the shortest day of the year.  Yule celebratesContinue reading “Pagan Origins of Christmas”

Pagan in the City

Many pagans live in bustling cities and manicured suburbs, far away from untamed nature and rural farming communities.  This is either by choice or because of other constraints, such as their job or family.  But just because one doesn’t live in a dense forest surrounded by native plants and wild animals, or live on a homesteadContinue reading “Pagan in the City”

The Underworld

The Underworld, also known as the Otherworld or Netherworld, is featured in most mythologies around the world.  It is a realm of the dead, where the souls of the recently departed go in their afterlife.  Many versions of the Underworld are seen as places of abundance and joy, and reward for good work during theirContinue reading “The Underworld”