For several years, I participated in the Pagan Blog Project, started by Jess Carlson.

Every week covered a specific letter of the alphabet, on which you could write a variety of pagan-related blog posts.  They could deal with feelings, thoughts, intuitions, reflection, as well as (my favourite) a study of topics you would like to learn more about. My posts are listed below.

2014 Pagan Blog Project:

A is for Arianrhod
B is for Boudicca
C is for the Cailleach, C is for Cernunnos
D is for Druidry
E is for Ériu
F is for Fionn mac Cumhaill, Frigg vs Freyja
G is for the Gundestrup Cauldron

2013 Pagan Blog Project:

A is for AmberA is for Ásatrú
B is for BrigidB is for Bast
C is for Cerridwen
D is for the DagdaD is for Danu
E is for Eostre
F is for Faeries, F is for Freyja
G is for GaiaG is for Grimoire
H is for HelH is for Harry Potter
I is for Isis
I is for Ireland (History and Mythology)
J is for Jade
K is for Kabbalah, K is for Kyanite
L is for Lapis Lazuli, L is for Lugh
M is for the Morrigan
N is for Nine Worlds of Norse Mythology
O is for Odin
P is for Pentacle, P is for Persephone
R is for Raven
T is for ThebanT is for Triple Goddess, T is for Thor
U is for Underworld
Y is for Yggdrasil, the World Tree

2012 Pagan Blog Project:

I is for Inanna
J is for Jasper
K is for Karma
L is for Labyrinth
L is for Luck
M is for Magick
N is for Nyx, Goddess of Night
O is for Owls
P is for Paganism
Q is for Quartz
R is for Runes
S is for Spiral
T is for Tuatha de Danann
U is for Universalist Unitarian Pagans
V is for Vikings
W is for Wyrd
Y is for Yule


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