It has been quite a few years since I started my pagan path. In that time, I have been initiated into a Wiccan tradition and eventually obtained my Second Degree, as well as immersed myself in learning more about Wicca, Druidry, Heathenry, Reconstructionism, and Celtic and Germanic history, mythology and folklore. But when I restarted my life in a new city, I began the search for spiritual connection once again.  Part of that was found in the Unitarian Universalist congregation in my area, who have a strong association with the earth and those with earth-centered spiritual beliefs. I met a few other like-minded souls, but for a time, I felt like I had yet to meet my people here. However I feel that changing. Some recent activities and social events have inspired me and I feel I am going down the right path.

For all of these reasons, I feel “The New Pagan” is no longer an appropriate name for this blog. I chose the name “By Land, Sea and Sky” to reflect the three universal elements of Druidry, as well as the varied landscape of the beautiful West Coast of Canada I call home.

I hope to continue to update this website with interesting tidbits, as well as throw in my own personal accounts from time to time. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy.

Updated Spring Equinox 2017


This blog is called ‘The New Pagan’ as I feel it fits my current spiritual path.  I was raised in the Catholic church where I was quite active as a youth.  When I was a teen, I read a few books on Wicca but I felt that my Catholic mother would never approve, so I settled on being Agnostic.  As I grew up, I felt that there was something lacking in my spiritual life, and somehow found my way back to Wicca.

I started reading everything I could on the subject of Wicca and Neopaganism, met a great group of people, and was eventually initiated into an eclectic Celtic-based Wiccan tradition.  However, I feel my interests are too varied to fit into any one category.

I call myself Pagan, although my interests are strongly based in Wicca as well as Celtic and Norse mythology.  I’m also very interested in ancient history, archaeology, science, metaphysics, religious studies, spirituality and other cool things.  So I hope you join me as I delve into the different facets of Neopaganism!


Twitter: @TheNewPagan
Tumblr: SingingStone01
Facebook: Áine Stone

My previous blogs, A Year And A Day and The Celtic Journey, are no longer being updated however contain much of the same content.

I also had a monthly column at Pagan Pages Ezine, named A Year And A Day’, where you can still find articles I have written on a variety of subjects.

Aine Caroline Evans

One thought on “About

  1. Hello!

    I’m writing to welcome you to the grand opening of an interactive shrine dedicated to the wonderful goddess Rhiannon! http://churchofasphodel.org/shrines/rhiannon/welcome.html

    This shrine not only provides information about Rhiannon both old and new, but is also a showcase for art and writing about the Divine Queen. I would be very honored if anyone had devotional writing or art work which they would like to have included. The shrine is a nondenominational, safe pagan space where people may write anonymous prayers to Rhiannon. My hope is that anyone who has been blessed by or would like to know better Rhiannon will feel welcomed.

    The shrine was built out of love and gratitude for everything that Rhiannon has done for me in my life. I cannot afford to build her a temple and pay for there to be staff available 24 hours a day seven days a week where other pagans can come to honor her. Because so many pagans spend a lot of time in cyberspace, in ritual and divination Rhiannon communicated that she was happy being where the people are and the online shrine developed from there.

    I sincerely hope that you will find the shrine to be useful in many ways, from a place for focusing your thoughts in a devotional practice to when needing to connect with her at work, home or running errands. Rhiannon’s shrine is always available. One of the beautiful things about these shrines is being able to see how many people have also been graced with experiences, faith and/or love for Rhiannon. The variety of requests and gratitude are a testimony to the living pagan tradition happening around the world.

    This webmaster has designed the only online shrines that give the worshiper a choice of three different types of anonymous messages:

    1. Gratitude: Click Gratitude and the empty field now reads “Thank you Rhiannon for….” allowing you to post your thanks to Rhiannon for whatever blessings she has bestowed upon you.

    2. Praise: Click Praise and write whatever your heart moves you to share.

    3. Request: Click Request and you will see there are two sections; the first being “Rhiannon, please help…” and the second being “For this…” This allows you to state what offering you will give to Rhiannon in sacred space.

    Many pagans are responsible for the shrine being so beautiful with their donations of artwork and devotional writing. No matter what your path, if you have offerings of artwork or writing related to Rhiannon, please do submit it. Either a page could be made by the webmaster or we can have a link to your offering.

    There are over 50 of these interactive devotional shrines at the Church of Asphodel. I am not a member but this church is devoted to continuing the worship of the old Goddesses and Gods, and will for free not just host it, but also put the online shrine together with the materials that someone sends. With their extensive connections to many pagan writers and artists, they can find more offerings for the shrine as well. The Church also publishes books about polytheism, especially devotional writing by many different pagans, and hosts the traditional Neopagan 8 Wheel of the Year rituals for the public on their homestead. I am greatly indebted to them for creating this program and website that allows interactive worship as well as their ethical and sacred process in building and hosting the shrine. I personally can recommend them for anyone else who would like to have an interactive shrine in a nondenominational, safe space. They do this for free, although I did make a donation. Already many of the Northern Gods are there, but some Greek, Roman, Gaelic and now Brythonic ones are being built by people like me.

    This is not my shrine; this is Rhiannon’s shrine. May it serve her and her followers well.

    Thank you so much for your time. If you have offerings you would like to be included in Rhiannon’s shrine, allowing it to become greater with every contribution, please email webmaster Joshua at jt@northernpaganism.org.

    In peace,

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